Karie Hayden

Karie Hayden R.C./D.T.

Karie Hayden is a Registered Cosmetologist-Derma Therapist-Educator-Distributor. She trained and earned her Cosmetology license in Michigan. Karie has been a Distributor in the San Diego area with Fanie International since 1979.

“My distributorship is grounded in caring, understanding, education, and service. I believe that a natural approach to your skin and body helps to maintain a healthier outlook that helps one feel better.”

“It all began many years ago, when I was a 20-year veteran hairdresser with large pores, oily skin and acne problems that I thought were beyond hope. I was introduced to Dr. Clyde Johnson, the creator of White Pearl the parent company of Fanié International, and his wife Florence Johnson. In my professional experience I had never before seen such commitment to offer the world realistic solutions to skin, nail and foot care problems naturally. It has been truly inspiring to witness great results working with the professional Fanié Products on myself and many others.”

”I opened my Distributorship, along with the Holistic Skin Care clinic, in Pacific Beach CA. in 1983. Fanié International is a true pioneer in Professional Beauty and Health. THANK YOU, Dr. Johnson, for your great knowledge that changed my life. It has been a great honor and opportunity for me to share with others.”