Fanié Body Contour Wrap Creme:

Fanié Body Contour creme is a topical formula that conditions, tightens, and tones the skin to help regain and maintain natural firmness and elasticity. This original, non-fluid-loss body wrap creme was developed by Dr. Clyde Johnson. Fanié Contour Creme is used regularly by contestants of the Jr. Miss, Miss, and Mrs.USA pageants. Great results are achieved with one wrap.

$70.00 (series of three $195.00)

Micro-Dermabrasion Program:

Resurfacing the skin helps to remove dead surface skin cells, to reveal healthier more youthful radiant skin. This also includes a Fanié enzyme facial masque and the oil and creme appropriate for your skin.

$100.00 (series of three $255.00)

Fanié Botanical Masques Treatments:

Accent Masque: Formulated to soften the skin by neutralizing acid residues left by glycolic AHA and other acids. Also the perfect masque for sensitive dry skin, it is formulated with essential enzymes and nutrients and prepares skin for advanced treatments.

Renaissance Masque: An exceptional masque containing flowers of oats and other natural botanicals to renew over-treated, sensitive, and abused skin. Soft, glowing skin can be yours again, progressively.

Enzyme Masque #1: Formulated with natural enzymes and proteins allowing the skin to function naturally by progressively toning and tightening the face and neck with fantastic results.

Enzyme Masque #2: A penetrating enzyme masque formulated to tighten and tone the skin of the breast, shoulders, back, derriere and leg achieving great visual results.

Fizzy Masque: Oily skin masque with special oil-fighting agents, citric acid and natural enzymes. This masque tightens pores as it helps to even skin tones. Recommended for mature as well as young skin.

Ultra Masque: Has assorted proteins and enzymes derived from botanical sources to lift
and tighten the deeper muscles. Ultra masque is an advanced professional treatment for the face.

Gentleman’s Facial Masque: This masque helps with in-grown hairs .It deposits the needed nutrients to help dry and weathered skin giving the skin a youthful glow. A very relaxing treatment that includes a back and neck massage.

$70.00 (series of three $195.00)