Letter #1

I met Karie Hayden about 6 years ago, when I saw her ad in The Reader. It was a natural approach to the body wrap that caught my eye. I had tried them all, wrapped in ace bandages, put on treadmills and left feeling dehydrated and tired. The Body wrap at Karie's was nothing like that. I was measured, wrapped and left to relax, I lost inches and my skin felt soft. I have been using The Sweet Birch and Nutra-tone since 2006!

I was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2009 and I continued going in to relax and center my mind. I had a recurrence in 2010, followed by chemo and radiation. I turned to Karie for help. My face and neck were swollen and my body was weak and tired. She turned me on to her facial products. I started using the White Oak Cleanser, Tru- Skin and accent masque and right away could feel the swelling going down! I love the Mist-E Oil and the Protein creme and I have added them to my facial routine!

I also, lost 2-3 inches of hair along the back of my hairline. I had a huge spot of Bald and Karie gave me a complimentary Shampoo Treatment to try. I am so happy to report it has been 6 months and I have about two inches of soft hair in that area.

I cannot say enough about the products, they are so natural and they feed the skin and hydrate like nothing else!

Thank you Karie and Fanie Skincare- I love you both!!!

Tammy Nance

Before & After Pictures

Letter #2

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In September of 2013, at the age of 32, I was heading to lunch with a friend, when I complained to him that I did not want to go anywhere because my skin was breaking out so badly that I was embarrassed. That day, my friend recommended Karie Hayden and her products. I called Karie the next week to make an appointment. The following Saturday, I went for the appointment that changed my life.

During my first mask and treatment, and I texted my friend asking " What did you get me into!". He laughed and said "Trust me, it works". After years of struggling with skin problems and willing to try anything, I cleaned out my medicine cabinet and make-up drawer, and was committed to using the Fanie skin care line exclusively from head to toe. I began to receive treatments every 2 weeks, and after only a few months, I noticed my skin dramatically improving.

Although the beginning is hard, I continued to mask regularly, and I noticed my breakouts were becoming less severe and clearing up much faster. In the past, reading ingredients labels was not something I did, because I trusted that expensive products and skin care lines put care into the products that "promised results". I truly believed that acne would be a permanent part of my life, as NOTHING I tried helped.

After using Fanie, my friends, co-workers and family began to comment about how great my skin started to look. Almost 34, and a year and a half later, acne is no longer a part of my life. Although I may break out from time to time from stress or hormones, I have a completely new confidence that I never thought I would have due to the health of my skin. Not only has Fanie cleared up my acne, but the fine lines and overall youthfulness of my skin is evident. I do not know what I would do without Karie and the Fanie products and I cannot imagine putting anything else on my skin.